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15 Parents Share Reverse Psychology Tricks That 100% Worked on Their Kids

Parenting is not easy, especially during times when your little one refuses to listen or eat their veggies. To get their little ones to behave, some parents resort to reverse psychology techniques, a persuasive method to get someone to do something by suggesting an opposite action (because humans don’t like being told what to do). At Bright Side, we compiled 15 sweetly hilarious stories from parents who ...

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10+ Images That Hide More Than What We Really Can See

There are days when we get home very tired and we don’t pay attention to our surroundings, because we have seen those objects thousands of times. But one day, for some reason everything changes. And we get a big surprise, to say the least, to the point that we have to look twice to calm down because it gives us the impression that someone ...

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What 12 Popular Celebrities From the ’90s Look Like Now

Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Beverly Hills, 90210 were some of the most popular series decades ago. We may still remember actors from those movies as they were that time, but they have undergone some major changes since their rise to fame. We at Bright Side had a nostalgic moment and would like to share with you how famous celebs from the ...

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A Girl Wishes a Happy Birthday to Her Dad With Down Syndrome and Makes Everyone Admire This Strong Man

It’s no secret that girls have special relationships with their dads. They’re our protectors, support, and simply the best men on earth. This is exactly how Richie Anne Castillo feels about her dad. Despite his condition, he became an example of strength and courage, and was a marvelous human being in her life. She faced a lot of bullies but ...

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10 Puzzles That Can Upgrade Your IQ

Studies have shown that puzzles have really beneficial effects on your brain. They sharpen your thinking, boost your memory, and overall increase your IQ. They are like a CrossFit workout for your grey matter, to keep it sharp and active. These riddles may look simple, but don’t underestimate them — they may challenge you. We at Bright Side prepared ...

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