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An Influencer Highlights Her Mustache and Encourages Women to Ditch Filters and Enjoy Their True Selves

It has been found plenty of times in the past that women feel way more dissatisfaction about their bodies than men do. It’s the beauty standards that are always shifting as we keep entering new eras. And Joanna Kenny knows a lot about how not being able to keep up with these standards can knock a woman’s self-esteem down. As an esthetician, she meets many women ...

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20 Fantastic Tattoos That Make Birthmarks and Scars Come Alive

Many people don’t like their birthmarks and scars, especially if they attract too much attention and cause too many questions. Some even try to hide their “flaws” under clothes. But tattoo artists can really help these people by covering these scars and birthmarks or adding elegant details. Bright Side is impressed by these tattoos that turn people’s ...

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