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10 Last Straw Moments That Make a Woman Leave the Man She Loves

If a woman is in love, it can seem that she’d give her all in a relationship. But there’s a limit to everything and when certain boundaries get crossed, she’ll leave even that ultimate dream man without thinking twice. Riddle Sight lists 10 mistakes that men make that can quickly make a relationship take a turn for the worse. He doesn’t want to spice things up. ...

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Internet Users Talk About the Most Awkward Job Interviews in Their Lives

A job interview can be a serious test for your psychological stability. Strange behavior from your possible employer, awkward questions, and nerves — all of these things make job interviews very hard to forget, even many years later. We at Riddle Side have read the stories of people who were in an awkward situation when they were looking for a job. They reminisced ...

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23 Children’s Quotes That Gave Us the Shivers

Small children are incredible people. They can say witty, philosophical, and even creepy things that lead us to believe they know more than adults. Riddle Side has collected some creepy and interesting children’s quotes posted by people from all over the world.   I was babysitting Lisa for over a year. Once, she said, “I knew you before I ...

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