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15 Celebs Over 80 Who Are Still Going Strong as Ever

We all know time leaves its mark on anybody, but these celebrities demonstrate that you can do it gracefully while loving life as much as possible. Betty White still jokes around after having just turned 99 years old, and our admiration for her has no limits. Jane Fonda is also a staggering beauty at age 83, and all the productions she stars ...

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A Girl Recreates Celebrity Outfits at Home, and They Outshine the Originals

Bright Side gives a standing ovation to this creative family and is sharing 20 of their brightest transformations that brought smiles to our faces. 20. The red carpet is waiting for you. © RileyDiary / Instagram 19. It’s about time to promote eco-friendly hats. © RileyDiary / Instagram 18. You are what you eat. © RileyDiary / Instagram 17. “When you have ...

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13 Secrets From Royal Life That Will Make Your Jaw Drop to the Floor

In childhood, many of us read a lot of love stories about knights and dreamt about life in the royal court. Lush outfits, luxurious balls, brave warriors, and elegant ladies — it seemed that medieval monarchs lived in a fairy tale. And any ordinary person would give their all to be in their place. We at Bright Side decided to check whether the life of royals in previous ...

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8 Unexpected Signs of Pregnancy You Might Not Even Know About

During pregnancy, the human body can undergo many physical, emotional, and psychological changes, so much so that it can be hard to keep track of them. These changes can happen suddenly and in unexpected ways. At Bright Side, we stumbled upon 8 unusual signs of pregnancy that might be overlooked but can mean that a new baby is on the way! 1. You develop skin tags ...

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