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8 Times the Royals Made a Statement With Just One Piece of Clothing

Everyone likely knows about Queen Elizabeth’s love for monochrome looks. However, royals don’t always pick plain, straightforward designs like these. Sometimes, it’s an important statement that stands behind the clothes the monarchs decide to wear. We at Bright Side found out the meanings behind 8 outfits British royals have worn. And if you want to know what brand Princess Diana ...

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15+ Curious Details About “Friends” We All Missed

Friends changed the world of television and sitcoms as a genre. Even though the last episode of the series was released 17 years ago, Friends is still the most popular series on Netflix. We at Bright Side decided to recall some details from old episodes many of you might have missed. In the episode where Monica and Chandler get married, you can see Jennifer Aniston’s real last ...

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10 Images That Will Test Your Attention to Detail

Your performance at school, work, or in everyday life is impacted greatly by your attention span. Having a good eye for detail can help you with catching errors or important information in time, get you closer to your goal, and maybe even earn you a reward. By solving this test you will learn what your level of attentiveness is. We at Bright Side created a test that ...

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19 People Who Weren’t Afraid to Change Their Appearance and Became Even More Beautiful

It is pretty common for people to have one complaint or another about their appearance. A factor that generates discomfort can be, for example, the size of someone’s nose, the shape of their teeth, or any other feature. And there is nothing wrong with changing these things to take your self-esteem to the next level. We at Bright Side admire these 19 courageous people who weren’t ...

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Why More and More Men Are Starting to Wear Makeup

From a light skin moisturizer and translucent lip balm, to bright eye shadows and fake eyelashes, there are many different ways that men are using makeup nowadays. While for many people male makeup still feels taboo, this trend seems to be on the rise now, and we are seeing more and more men with beauty products ...

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