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16 People Who Were Cursed With Bad Neighbors

We all live within the walls of our own houses and apartments and we don’t see our neighbors very often. But sometimes they enter our lives thanks to their unpleasant actions. At Bright Side, we hope that your neighbors don’t drill into the walls all the time, so you can read these stories about bad neighbors in peace. ...

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15+ Times Kate Middleton Paid Tribute to Princess Diana’s Style

Princess Diana is still believed to be a fashion icon. And her daughter-in-law Catherine keeps up with her. Many outfits of the Duchess of Cambridge are inspired by Lady Di’s looks, or they are modern interpretations of Diana’s famous gowns. Even though these outfits can’t be called exact copies, you can still notice the similarities. At Bright Side, we love the royal style, and ...

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21 People Who Went Back to Natural Hair and Embraced Their Curls With Unshakable Pride

We’ve seen countless movies that feature the protagonist undergoing a makeover in order to turn from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. The transformation usually involves straightening what seems to be an uncontrollable curly mane. This misconception has led many people to try to hide their trademark locks in a ponytail or under a hat, feeling ashamed of this unique feature. Bright Side wants to inspire everyone to acknowledge ...

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20 Riddles That Will Challenge Your Brainpower

Solving riddles can force you to think in creative or unusual ways that will make your brain cells work overtime. This can stop the brain from shrinking with age, boost memory skills, and improve brain-cell connections. We at Bright Side want you to have fun while exercising your brain and that’s why we prepared a compilation of entertaining, mind-boggling riddles. 1. Tap to ...

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10 Celebrities From Romantic Movies Who Managed to Stay Friends After a Long Time

There are several romantic movie couples who left their mark in the history of cinema — and the actors behind these characters often build personal relationships with each other off-camera. Some start dating, like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson after Twilight, and others become good friends, like Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves after Speed, and keep that ...

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