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20+ Transformations That Turned Women Into Real Queens

Every woman is beautiful, no matter what she herself thinks of it. A Russian makeover project called Perezagruzka (restart) and a local version of an international show, 10 Years Younger decided to prove it by turning ordinary women into real-life queens.

Bright Side’s team admires these amazing transformations and is excited to share them with you. Enjoy!


Though the projects are basically alike — they aim at making women feel more beautiful and confident — they’re not all exactly the same. One of them shows younger women in need of a style change and a new start in life. The project’s team changes their hairstyle, gives some makeup and skincare advice, rethinks their clothing choices, and solves other minor problems like demanding help from a dentist, for example.




The other project, 10 Years Younger, often requires more serious work to fight the aging process and the changes it brings.






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